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In this time where a lot of us turn to on-demand encouragement in podcasts and other places online, we believe bearing with one another in person is a must to really understand our relationships with God and truly be seen in order to grow and help others.

A connect group is the perfect place to get to know one another and live life together.


We believe we are better together

Application happens best within the context of community and connecting with others in your same stage of life. To grow, you have to be connected relationally and a Connect Group is the ideal place for that.

In Connect Groups, eight to twelve adults in the same stage of life and area of town meet regularly to be encouraged by those on your same journey.

Core Groups


Core Groups

A CORE Group is two or more people, of the same gender, meeting regularly to understand their faith, grow in their faith, know their faith more deeply, become more like Jesus, and multiply the mission of Jesus.

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